Multicolor LED Headset with Mic for PC, Laptops (Black/Blue)

Kotion Each GS210 Multicolor LED Headset with Mic for PC, Laptops (Black/Blue)


1. Has an excellent surround sound. You literally can tell where what is. I checked it with CS: GO and it was a great experience, I literally could tell from where others were shooting without the damage bar, which is not quite possible on a normal headset.

2. Has excellent voice cancellation, the moment you wear these headsets you will be in your own dream world of gaming.

3. The adjustable headband is pretty sturdy, it has a strong over the head headband which is connected to the earpiece using stainless steel rods. The stainless steel part makes the adjusting more durable as normal plastic adjusters tend to break quite easily.

4. The ear cuffs are pretty soft and comfortable on the ear.

5. The mic is pretty nice as well. It is good for both chatting while gaming and for recording. I tried it with sing app for android and it worked pretty nicely. The voice was clear and audible.

6. LED’s work perfectly, they have a transition effect and 6 different colors. I have added a video if you want to check how the leds work.

7. Cable is quite sturdy and durable, it is quite thick and won’t break for quite a long time. The headset has 3 inputs as mentioned in the description, one USB for powering the leds, one for the mic and one for the audio output.

8. Looks damn stylish and durable, it looks like a headset for 2000+ Rs.

9. The volume button the left earpiece is quite a lifesaver. Since I can increase and decrease the volume anytime I want to.

10. The bass is quite good it is not overpowering and the sound is clear

1. Quite heavy for being a Gaming headset. The main purpose of a gaming headset is to be on your head and ears while you are playing irrespective of the duration. And this headset weighs 400 grams including cable and 343 grams excluding the cables. My neck hurts after playing CS: GO for almost an hour.

2. I also have concerns regarding the durability of its mic since the mic is permanently fixed to the earpiece if by some chance it falls down and by the luck of the devil it falls down facing the mic then I probably think that it will break the mic because of the weight of the headset.

Final Verdict….
Every gamer should give this headset a try and look if it fits them because these are the cheapest gaming headsets you can buy anywhere.
Any singer or someone who likes singing and keeping records of the songs should buy this as the mic’s quality is quite good.
Overall I would say if you are a hardcore gamer and spend almost hours on gaming then this is the best headset that you can buy at this price range.

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